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Welcome to my game page! I am so excited to release my first game for Windows called Idiot Quiz. Now, before I get started, I am going to say this: I am not going to be making this for an operating system other that Windows until after I get out of early development stages. That means, sadly, if you are on an Apple, Linux, or Android device it will not be available for you right this second. However, I will make it available as soon as I get some early-beta reviews. This is all for you, the community, to enjoy amazing and, in some cases, hilarious games. I really didn't decide to do this until there was such a demand for application developers. Anyways, that's it for now so read all of the other stuff!


Q: How did you make this?
A: Well, I used a few applications to do this. I used Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 for the visual elements and scripting it (it was scripted in Visual Basic) and whatnot. I used MS Paint (ew, really, MS Paint?) to do some of the art, like the icon and the itch.io cover image. I think that is pretty much it for that question, and I hope this answers everything.

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